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Key nEDM@SNS Journal Articles

  • Genesis of the nEDM@SNS experiment: R. Golub and S.K. Lamoreaux, “Neutron electric-dipole moment, ultracold neutrons and polarized 3He,Physics Reports 237, 1 (1994).
  • Detailed article on the nEDM@SNS experimental design: M.W. Ahmed et al., “A New Cryogenic Apparatus to Search for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment,” Journal of Instrumentation. 14 P11017 (2019).
  • A somewhat condensed version of the experimental design: K.K.H. Leung et al., “The neutron electric dipole moment experiment at the
    Spallation Neutron Source,EPJ Web of Conferences 219, 02005 (2019).